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The Odyssey

The Odyssey Odysseus The Cyclops Adventures General Information
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What is an epic hero?

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What is an epic?

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Who wrote Odyssey?

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It is believed The Odyssey was written around what time?

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The Odyssey begins after what war?

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Which of Odysseus's qualities caused his men to get stuck in the Cyclops cave?

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What were Odysseus's weaknesses?

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How did Odysseus keep himself from the lure of the Sirens?

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Where is Odysseus home?

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How does Odysseus respond when Penelope tells her servant to move the bed?

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Why doesn't Odysseus kill the Cyclops after he eats his men?

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The Cyclops told Odysseus that he feared what god?

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Why don't the others help the Cyclops when he calls for help?

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Although Polyphemus had been warned that Odysseus would blind him, what surprised him about Odysseus?

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What non-heroic behavior does Odysseus display as he leaves the land of the Cyclops?

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On the island of the sun god, what causes the men to disobey Odysseus's orders?

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When are the last of Odysseus men killed?

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Why aren't Odysseus men tempted by the Sirens' singing?

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How does Helios get Zeus to punish Odysseus men?

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Where did the reunion between Telemachus and Odysseus take place?

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Who is Argus and what happens after he sees Odysseus?

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Who does Telemachus think Odysseus is at first?

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Why does Odysseus reveal himself to his son?

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What quality best describes Penelope?

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What were Scylla and Charybdis?

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Human who maximizes his body and mind to perform superhuman feats.
1. a long poem 2. includes a hero who takes an adventurous journey 3.
the blind poet Homer
800 B.C.
The Trojan Wa
His curiosity
pride and women
He had his men tie him to the mast
He becomes angry.
They would be stuck in the cave and die.
He said he didn't fear any god.
Because Odysseus tricked him saying his name was 'Nobody'
He was so small.
He teases and taunts the blind Cyclops.
Their hunger
As they leave the Island of the Sun God, Zeus hits their ship with a thunderbolt and shatters it.
Odysseus put beeswax in their ears and they don't hear it.
He uses threats.
At Eumaeus the swineherd's hut
His dog who dies after seeing his master.
a beggar
Athena tells him to.
Syclla--a sea monster Charybdis--a giant whirlpool

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