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World War 1

World War I: Important Terms World War I: Important People World War I : Important Places World War I: The U.S gets involved World War I: The Fighting
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An agreement between two countries to defend one another

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A policy where a country refuses to become involved in other countries problems

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a love of one's country and the desire for that country to be free of other country's control

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A world organization formed after WW1 to prevent future wars

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This document officially ended World War I and punished the Central Powers

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The most decorated and soldier of WW1. A National hero.

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The most famous U.S. pilot of WW1.

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The head commander of all American forces in WW1

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The President that led the U.S. into World War 1

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The most famous airplane pilot in World War I.

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This country's duke was shot and they blamed Serbia and declared war on them.

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This small country believed Austria-Hungary had their land and turned to Russia for help.

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Most of the fighting took place in this country.

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This country is where the treaty to end World War I was signed

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Alvin York was from this U.S. state

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This ship was blown up by Germany killing over 100 Americans

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This country sent a telegram to Mexico asking them to attack the U.S.

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This country was secretly sending weapons to the Allies before declaring war on the Central Powers

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These people in the U.S. didn't not want their new country fighting against their old one

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Germany sank many U.S. ships in this ocean.

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This weapon killed 1/3 of all people in the war.

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This weapon allowed the Allies to ride across 'No Man's Land' safer

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This weapon helped Germany sink many Allied ships

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Americans recycled this to be made into war weapons

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A fight between airplanes in the air was called what?

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League of Nations
Treaty of Versailles
Alvin York
Eddie Rickenbacker
John Pershing
Woodrow Wilson
Red Baron
United States
poison gas
dog fight

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