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Cosmetology Jeopardy

Thermal Waving Base Control Hair Pressing/Silking Wet Hairstyling Miscellaneous
100 100 100 100 100
200 200 200 200 200
300 300 300 300 300
400 400 400 400 400
500 500 500 500 500
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What are the 3 different classifications of thermal irons?

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The temperature on a thermal iron is indicated by what characteristic of the hair?

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What was the full name of the creator of the thermal iron?

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What year did the creator create the Thermal Iron?

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What is created when used the proper base control on the curl?

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What is caused when hair ends protrude from the irons?

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The off-base curl offers the least amount of volume at how many degrees?

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The half-base curl provides a strong curl with moderate volume at how many degrees?

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The full-base curl is held at ___ degree level to create full volume

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How many types of hair pressing are there?

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How long does a hair press last for?

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A soft press removes how much of the curl? (percentage range)

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A medium press removes how much of the curl? (percentage range)

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A hard press removes how much of the curl, and what must be done differently compared to the rest of the press procedures?

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The State Board set contains 3 different styles in the set which are

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What kind of effect will a pincurl with a closed center provide?

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An off-base curl has what kind of stem?

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Which type of set allows you to position rollers diagonally and set from multiple points of origin?

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Which of the following base shapes is used within an oblong?

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When applying haircolor on a retouch darker, you start at what part of the head?

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What kind of chemical is the Sodium Hydroxide?

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When filing a nail, at which point of the free edge do you start and end?

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What solution should never be mixed with Sodium Hydroxide

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What pH levels do Sodium Hydroxide range in?

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Marcel Iron
Stove-heated Iron, Electric, Vaporizing(Blow Dryer)
Marcel Grateau
70 degrees
90 degrees
125 degrees
Until Next Shampoo
100%, apply pressing comb twice on each side of hair
Fingerwaves, Roller Curls, and Pin Curls
a small, strong, fluffier effect
full stem
Corner to Center
Ammonium Thioglycolate

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