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A car averages 27 miles per gallon. If gas costs $4.04 per gallon, about how much was the gas for this car to travel 2,727 typical miles?

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A consultant charges $45 for each hour she works on a consultation, plus a flat $30 consulting fee. How many hours of work are included in a $210 bill for a consultation?

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What is the value of x when 2x + 3 = 3x – 4 ?

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The expression (4z + 3)(z and#8722; 2) is simplified to:

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If 40% of a given number is 8, then what is 15% of the given number? View Answer
Janelle cut a board 30 feet long into 2 pieces. The ratio of the lengths of the 2 pieces is 2:3. What is the length,to the nearest foot, of the shorter piece?

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Cube A has an edge length of 2 inches. Cube B has an edge length double that of Cube A. What is the volume, in cubic inches, of Cube B ?

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(3x3)3 is simplified to:

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A hot-air balloon 70 meters above the ground is falling at a constant rate of 6 meters per second while another hot-air balloon 10 meters above the ground is rising at a constant rate of 15 meters per second. To the nearest tenth of a second, after how many seconds will the 2 balloons be the same height above the ground?

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A hiking group will go from a certain town to a certain village by van on 1 of 4 roads, from the village to a waterfall by riding bicycles on 1 of 2 bicycle paths, and then from the waterfall to their campsite by hiking on 1 of 6 trails. How many routes are possible for the hiking group to go from the town to the village to the waterfall to their campsite?

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What does ACT stand for?

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What did SAT stand for?

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What does SAT stand for now?

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Dont guess on me, it'll count more against you

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Educated guesses and guesses are better than leaving me blank

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A special lottery is to be held to select the student who will live in the only deluxe room in a dormitory. There are 100 seniors, 150 juniors, and 200 sophomores who applied. Each senior's name is placed in the lottery 3 times; each junior's name, 2 times; and each sophomore's name, 1 time. What is the probability that a senior's name will be chosen?

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What is the result when 436,921 is rounded to the nearest thousand and then expressed in scientific notation?

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For the first part of his bike trip, Dag rode down a hill at X miles per hour for T hours. For the rest of his trip, Dag rode up a hill at half that speed for twice as long. What was Dag's average speed, in miles per hour, for his entire trip?

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A wire bent in the form of a circle of radius 21units is cut and bent to form a square. What is the ratio of area of circle to that of the square?

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A shopkeeper has three kinds of rice of 77 pounds, 147 pounds and 252 pounds. Find the least number of bags of equal size required to pack them without mixing.

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A cube and a rectangular solid are equal in volume. If the lengths of the edges of the rectangular solid are 4, 8 and 16, what is the surface area of the cube?

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Twenty persons, among whom A and B, sit at random around a round table. Find the probability that there are any 6 persons between A and B.

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The flowers in a basket become double after every minute. In one hour, the basket becomes full. After how many minutes the basket would be half filled?

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A person had 72 mangoes, he had given them to three persons A, B and C, in such a manner that A got thrice as many as B, and the sum total of mangoes A and B got was 60. He had given the remaining mangoes to C. Express in decimal the fraction of mangoes C got out of the total.

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A monkey climbs a slippery pole by thrusts. The pole is 30 feet high. With every thrust, it goes up 5 feet in 5 seconds and slips down 3 feet in 1 second. How many seconds will it take to climb the pole?

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4z2 and#8722; 5z and#8722; 6
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4.37 x 10^5

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