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The world's largest ice cream cone weighed 55,000 pounds. How many tons is this?

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The height of the Washington Monument is about 185 yards. How many feet is this.

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The maximum weight of a professional bowling ball is 16 pounds. Change this to ounces.

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An adult male of average size has 6 quarts of blood in his body. Convert this to cups.

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If you drink 14 quarts of water per week, on average how many pints do you drink per day?

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Amy ran a race that was 2 kilometers long. How many meters did she run?

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According to a label on a box, the mass of a pack of cereal is 672 grams. Change this to kilograms.

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The San Jacinto Monument in Houston, Texas, is about 174 meters tall. What is the height in kilometers?

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Ostriches are the world's heaviest birds. On average they weigh 156,500 grams. How many kilograms does the average ostrich weigh?

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Liz, Toni, and Kim used a metric scale to weigh some shells. The masses of the shells were 29 grams, 52 grams, 18 grams, and 103 grams. What was the combined weight in milligrams?

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Convert 990 minutes into seconds.

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Jackson started raking leaves at 10:20 am and raked for 1 hour 55 minutes. At what time did he finish?

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A flight departs at 11:35 am. The flight is 2 hours 45 minutes long but is delayed 30 minutes. What is the new arrival time?

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What is the elapsed time from 9:25 am until 2:48 pm?

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Which measure is NOT equal to the other three? A.) 1/4 day B.) 6 hours C.) 350 minutes D.) 21,600 seconds

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A sheet of paper has a mass of about 3.5 _______.

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The diameter of a ceiling fan is about 95 _______.

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A chair has a mass of about 22.5 _______.

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A teacup holds about 110 __________.

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A gas tank holds about 85 _______ of gasoline.

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A tube of toothpaste weighs about 8 ounces, or __________ g.

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A small dog weighs about 12 pounds, or __________ kg.

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A row boat is about 10 feet long or __________ m.

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A two-story house is about 8 yards high or __________ m.

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An in-ground swimming pool holds about 20,000 gallons of water or __________ L.

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27.5 tons
555 feet
256 ounces
24 cups
4 pints
2000 meters
0.672 kg
0.174 meters
156.5 kilograms
202 grams = 202,000 mg
59,400 seconds
12:15 pm
14:50 pm or 2:50 pm
5 hours 23 minutes
350 minutes
227 g
5.5 kg
3.05 m
7.3 m
302,800 L

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