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Why did Annemarie want to run?

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What did Mrs. Hirsch sell and why did the Johansens need it?

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What corner were the two soldiers standing on?

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Where did the bombing from the Resistance take place?

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What did the soldier say about Kirsti?

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What was the name of Uncle Henrik's boat?

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What play were Annemarie and Ellen acting out while playing with their dolls?

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At what church was Lise's funeral held?

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What did Annemarie think about Kirsti sometimes?

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What was Mrs. Johansen's aunt's name (for the funeral)?

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What was the kitten's name?

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What did Mama say Great Aunt Birtie died of?

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What did the Nazi officer do to Mama?

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How man pounds was the baby?

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What color were the cow's eyes?

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Why was Mama lying on the entrance to the path?

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Who dropped the package that was supposed to be given to Uncle Henrik?

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What was in the package and why was it important?

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When the soldiers said that their dogs smell meat, what did Annemarie say in reply?

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What did Uncle Henrik say about the soldiers taking his bread?

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What is the definition of brave in the book?

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What was in the handkerchief?

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What was in Peter's letter? (4 things)

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At Lise's funeral, why did Peter have on a hat?

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Where was Peter shot?

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Annemarie wanted to run to win the athletic meet for girls on Friday.
Mrs. Hirsch sold buttons, and they needed it for Kirsti's jacket.
Osterbrogade Street
Hillerod and Norrebro
She was pretty like his own little girl.
The Ingeborg
Gone With the Wind
A Lutheran Church
She sometimes thought that Kirsti was a pest, always butting in.
Great Aunt Birtie
slapped her
About 8 pounds
She tripped over a root and hurt her ankle.
Mr. Rosen
A handkerchief; it had medicine soaked into it to numb the sense of smell for the Nazi dogs.
'Your dogs must smell squirrels in the woods.'
He said, 'I hope they choke on it.'
Not thinking about dangers, just thinking about what you must do.
Cocaine and DRIED rabbit blood
I love you. I'm not afraid. I'm proud to serve my country in the way that I did. May I be buried next to Lise?
Peter wanted to hide his red hair because the Nazis were looking for him.
At the Town Square in Ryvangen, Copenhagen

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