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Speed Match Review Game

This game has been played 772 times
The best time ever was Tardáguila at 13 seconds.
The best time today is at seconds.
How To Play:
Drag the squares in the gray area and drop them in the matching squares in the blue area below.
If you drop a square in the correct spot, it will disappear.
If you make a mistake, the square will return to its original spot.
Good luck!

Let's Play Speed Match!

2 bemoles
1 bemol
3 sostenidos
4 bemoles
3 bemoles
1 sostenido
5 sostenidos
4 sostenidos
2 sostenidos
5 bemoles
Armadura de Mi b Mayor
Armadura de Mi Mayor
Armadura de Re menor
Armadura de Si Mayor
Armadura de Sol menor
Armadura de Sol Mayor
Armadura de Fa menor
Armadura de Si menor
Armadura de Re b Mayor
Armadura de La Mayor

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Here are all the answers:

Armadura de Si menor2 sostenidos
Armadura de Sol Mayor1 sostenido
Armadura de Mi b Mayor3 bemoles
Armadura de La Mayor3 sostenidos
Armadura de Re menor1 bemol
Armadura de Fa menor4 bemoles
Armadura de Sol menor2 bemoles
Armadura de Mi Mayor4 sostenidos
Armadura de Si Mayor5 sostenidos
Armadura de Re b Mayor5 bemoles