Ratio and Proportions Answer Key

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#1 There are 45 boys and 50 girls in a lunch room. Write the ratio of girls to boys in simplest form. 10:9
#2 In a certain area, there are 65 houses to 55 businesses. Write the ratio of houses to businesses as a fraction in simplest form. 13:11
#3 Mr. Roberts has 5 papayas, 10 star fruits, 15 mangos, and 5 strawberries on his fruit stand. What is the ratio of the number of star fruit to the total number of pieces of fruit 2:7
#4 Rod has 10 rosebushes, 2 of which produce yellow roses. Write the ratio of yellow rosebushes to rosebushes in simplest form. 1:5
#5 There are 17 boys and 51 girls in a class. Write the ratio of girls to boys in simplest form. 3:1
Unit Rates
#1 36 pieces of candy for 6 children 6 pieces of candy per child
#2 48 logs on 6 trucks 8 logs per truck
#3 8 tomatoes for $2 25 cents per tomato
#4 Wayne raked 30 bags of leaves in 3 hours. If he raked the same number of bags each hour, how many bags of leaves did he rake in one hour? 10 bags per hour
#5 It cost Mrs. Sapanaro $245 for her and 6 people to take a day-long guided tour of the Everglades. How much does the guided tour cost per person? $35 per person
#1 A recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of sugar for every 3 cups of water. How many tablespoons of sugar are needed for 12 cups of water? 4 T
#2 For every 2 lions at the zoo, there are 7 monkeys. The zoo has 49 monkeys. How many lions does it have? 14
#3 Tom drew a map of the school gym. He used a scale of 2 cm to 3 m. The gym was 60 m long. How long was his drawing? 40 cm
#4 Six pounds of chopped meat will feed 16 people. How many pounds of chopped meat will be needed to feed 64 people? 24 pounds
#5 Sandi usually buys 2 pens for every 1 notebook. If she bought 16 pens, how many notebooks did she buy? 8 notebooks
#1 The average weight of a baby at birth is 7 pounds. How many ounces is the average weight of a baby? 112 oz
#2 The height of Niagara Falls is 183 feet. How many yards high is Niagara Falls? 61 yards
#3 The gasoline tank of a minivan holds 18 gallons. How many quarts can the tank hold? 72 qts
#4 COAL The United States exports over 200 billion pounds of coal. How many tons does the United States export? 10 million
#5 The Statue of Liberty weighs 450,000 pounds. How many tons does the statue weigh? 225 Tons
#1 If 18 birds eat 28 lbs. of birdseed, how many birds can survive on 42 lbs. of birdseed? 27 pounds
#2 Jean bought 4 apples for every 7 oranges she bought. If Jean bought 28 oranges, how many apples did she buy? 16 apples
#3 A student has to read 32 essays in a literature class. The student reads 5 essays in 40 minutes. How long will it take the student to read all 32 essays? 256 min
#4 On a map 3 inches represent 225 miles. If two cities are 7 inches apart on the map, how far are they apart in reality? 525 miles
#5 When a tree 8 m tall casts a shadow 5 m long, how long a shadow is cast by a person 2 m tall? 1.25 m
Final Question
If 3 dozen eggs cost $ 2.67, how much will 5 dozen eggs cost? $4.45