Cooking Terms Answer Key

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Cutting Terms
#1 To cut food into small, uneven pieces Chop
#2 To cut food into very fine, uneven pieces Mince
#3 To cut food into small, equal size squares about 11/4 to 1/8 inch Dice
#4 To cut food into large, thick or thin flat pieces Slice
#5 To make small, straight, shallow cuts with a slicing knife in the surface of a food Score
#1 To sprinkle or coat a food with flour Flour
#2 To lower a food's temperature by placing in the freezer Freeze
#3 To cause a solid food to turn into or become part of a liquid Dissolve
#4 To increase the flavor of a food by adding herbs, spices or other ingredients Season
#5 To remove liquid from a solid food by pouring off the liquid Drain
Mixing Terms
#1 To mix using a spoon or wire whisk with a circular motion Stir
#2 To combine two or more ingredients into one mass Mix
#3 To thoroughly jix ingredients and incorporate air using a spoon, wire whisk, mixer, or food processor Beat
#4 To blend a delicate mixture into a heavier one Fold
#5 To reduce dry ingredients to finer particles Sift
Dry/Moist Heat Methods
#1 To cook in an oven with dry, hot air Bake
#2 To cook food in hot liquid, 212 degrees and bubbles rise and break the surface Boil
#3 To cook food in a pan using vapor produced by a boiling liquid Steam
#4 To cook meat, fish, or poultry uncovered in an oven with dry, hot air Roast
#5 To cook large pieces of meat or poultry slowly over low heat in a small amount of hot liquid in a tightly covered pan Braise
Cooking Equipment/Abbreviations
#1 Used to beat eggs and other ingredients and to mix together ingredients Fork
#2 Abbreviation of tablespoon Tbsp/T
#3 Abbreviation of gallon gal
#4 A mixing tool usually made of balloon shaped wire loops that are held together by a handle Wire whisk
#5 Several pieces of curved metal attacked to a handle used to blend butter and cheese mixtures Pastry Blender
Final Question
To lightly brown or cook food in a small amount of hot fat Saute