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Where you look to find the page numbers of where different chapters start.

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What you call the writing beneath a photograph that gives more information.

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A diagram that shows similarities and differences between two objects. Looks like two circles.

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A special type of print that looks slanted

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The name for the writing on a page in a book.

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The person who writes a book.

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The name of the writing directly below the title of a book.

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A portion of a page that gives you more information about a topic.

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A chart that shows information or data in columns so that it is easier to read.

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Where you should look to locate the page numbers of different topics in the back of a nonfiction text.

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A real picture, not a drawing

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This kind of word tells a reader, 'ALERT! This word is important.' It can usually be looked up in the book's glossary

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When two photographs are compared by being placed next to one another it is called:

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The location in a nonfiction book where you can find the definitions of boldfaced words.

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The wrap up sentence in a book is called a:

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Table of Contents
Venn Diagram
side by side photo comparison
closing sentence

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