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#1 Walter:'Don't ring Romy on Sunday!' Walter told me not to ring Romy on Sunday.

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#3 Jane:'Don't watch the new film!' Jane told me not to watch the new film.
#4 Yvonne:'Please don't visit the negighbours tommorow!' Yvonne asked me not to visit the neighbours the next day.
#5 Jamie:'Please don't eat so much junk food!' Jamie asked me not to eat so much junk food.
Questions 1
#1 Christopher:'Do you want to dance?' Christopher asked me if I wanted to dance.
#2 Justin:'What are you doing?' Justin asked me what I was doing.
#3 Ronald:'Where does Maria park her car?' Ronald asked me where Maria parked her car.
#4 Betty:'When did you come?' Betty wanted to know when I had come.
#5 Anne:'Must I do the shopping?' Anne asked if she had to do the shopping.
Questions 2
#1 Mandy:'Are the boys reading the book?' Mandy asked me if the boys were reading the book.
#2 Grandmother:'Where are my glasses?' Grandmother asked me where her glasses were.
#3 Elisabeth:'Did you watch the latest film?' Elisabeth asked me if I had watched the latest film.
#4 Frank:'How much pocket money did Lisa get?' Frank wanted to know how much pocket money Lisa had got.
#5 Joe: 'Did you really talk to her when she called you last week?' Joe asked me if I had really talked to her when she had called the week before.'
Statements 1
#1 Emily:'Our teacher will go to Leipzig tomorrow.' Emily said that their teacher would go to Leipzig the next day.
#2 Michael:'I am going to read a book this week.' Michael said to me that he was going to read a book that week.
#3 Helen:'I was writing a letter yesterday.' Helen told me that she had been writing a letter the day before.
#4 Lisa:'Tim went to the stadium an hour ago.' Lisa said that Tim had gone to the stadium an hour before.
#5 Andrew:'We didn't eat fish two days ago.' Andrew said that they hadn't eaten fish two days before.
Statements 2
#1 Peggy:'The girls helped in the house.' Peggy told me that the girls had helped in the house.
#2 Mrs Jones:'My mother will be 50 years old.' Mrs Jones told me that her mother would be 50 years old.
#3 Stephen and Claire:'We have cleaned the windows.' Stephen and Claire told me that they had cleaned the windows.
#4 Charles:'I didn't have time to do my homework.' Charles said that he hadn't had time to do his homework.
#5 Joe: ' By the time the police arrived yesterday, all the books had been stolen.' Joe said that by the time the police had arrived the day before, all the books had been stolen.
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