Inherited Traits Jeopardy Answer Key

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#1 The passing from parent to offspring Heredity
#2 The continuation of life survival
#3 The young of an organism offspring
#4 Body parts that help a species to survive specialized structures
#5 A certain group of plants or animals that can only reproduce among themselves species
#1 Behaviors inherited from a parent organism instincts
#2 Name 2 instincts or inherited behaviors of an infant crying, eating, going potty, sleeping
#3 Name three traits a dog inherits from its parent organism fur color/type, barking, growling, shape of body, etc.
#4 If you take a kitten who has been raised indoors were to be put outside, why would it still know how to hunt its own food? instinct
#5 Actions and behaviors that are learned through trial and error or are brought about by the environment learned behaviors
#1 A lizard can have snake babies if its fed the right diet False
#2 A lion and tiger can be bred together into a new organism True
#3 Sometimes the grandparents of a species can be the reason a certain trait has been passed on to the offspring True
#4 The tail of a rat is a specialized structure that helps it keep its balance when climbing or walking across narrow surfaces True
#5 If two parents keep having offspring together, eventually they will have two offspring that look and act exactly alike False
#1 a characteristic that determines how an organism looks, acts, or functions trait
#2 differences in the appearance of an inherited trait among the members of a species variations
#3 a trait that's passed from parent to offspring inherited
#4 How would a dog breeder make sure that every puppy he raises looks like a perfect little Cocker Spaniel? Make sure the mother and father are both Cocker Spaniels
#5 Name two behaviors that a dog could gain from its environment that are not inherited from its parents learning tricks, responding to its name, coming at meal times, fetching, etc
Specialized Structures
#1 The advantage monkeys are given by their feet good climbers
#2 Name an animal and give 2 specialized structures of that organism answers will vary
#3 Name 3 of the 9 functions of specialized structures we discussed temperature control, defense against parasites, defense against poisonous plants, defense against sunburn, defense against predators, warning to predators, mimicry, camouflage, deceiving predators, attraction of a mate
#4 How is it that a tadpole is the offspring of a frong when their specialized structures are so different from one another? The tadpole will look like the adult frog by the end of its life cycle
#5 Three specialized structures a deer has that help it survive against predators fast, quiet, blends into environment, good hearing
Final Question