The Odyssey Answer Key

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The Odyssey
#1 What is an epic hero? Human who maximizes his body and mind to perform superhuman feats.
#2 What is an epic? 1. a long poem 2. includes a hero who takes an adventurous journey 3.
#3 Who wrote Odyssey? the blind poet Homer
#4 It is believed The Odyssey was written around what time? 800 B.C.
#5 The Odyssey begins after what war? The Trojan Wa
#1 Which of Odysseus's qualities caused his men to get stuck in the Cyclops cave? His curiosity
#2 What were Odysseus's weaknesses? pride and women
#3 How did Odysseus keep himself from the lure of the Sirens? He had his men tie him to the mast
#4 Where is Odysseus home? Ithaca
#5 How does Odysseus respond when Penelope tells her servant to move the bed? He becomes angry.
The Cyclops
#1 Why doesn't Odysseus kill the Cyclops after he eats his men? They would be stuck in the cave and die.
#2 The Cyclops told Odysseus that he feared what god? He said he didn't fear any god.
#3 Why don't the others help the Cyclops when he calls for help? Because Odysseus tricked him saying his name was 'Nobody'
#4 Although Polyphemus had been warned that Odysseus would blind him, what surprised him about Odysseus? He was so small.
#5 What non-heroic behavior does Odysseus display as he leaves the land of the Cyclops? He teases and taunts the blind Cyclops.
#1 On the island of the sun god, what causes the men to disobey Odysseus's orders? Their hunger
#2 When are the last of Odysseus men killed? As they leave the Island of the Sun God, Zeus hits their ship with a thunderbolt and shatters it.
#3 Why aren't Odysseus men tempted by the Sirens' singing? Odysseus put beeswax in their ears and they don't hear it.
#4 How does Helios get Zeus to punish Odysseus men? He uses threats.
#5 Where did the reunion between Telemachus and Odysseus take place? At Eumaeus the swineherd's hut
General Information
#1 Who is Argus and what happens after he sees Odysseus? His dog who dies after seeing his master.
#2 Who does Telemachus think Odysseus is at first? a beggar
#3 Why does Odysseus reveal himself to his son? Athena tells him to.
#4 What quality best describes Penelope? faithfulness
#5 What were Scylla and Charybdis? Syclla--a sea monster Charybdis--a giant whirlpool
Final Question
Odysseus begins the tale of his adventures in whose court? King Alcinous