Scientific method Answer Key

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Steps of Scientific Methods
#1 To gather and record information during the experiment. Collect data
#2 What you think based on observations and prior knowledge. Is testable and measurable Hypothesis
#3 The results of your experiment. What you found out Draw a conclusion
#4 First step of the scientific method Ask a question
#5 Procedure to test the hypothesis. Step by step Conduct the experiment
#1 Using senses to obtain information. Observation
#2 What you think will happen in the experiment, must be testable and measurable Hypothesis
#3 What I now know from the experiment. What I learned from the experiment Conclusion
#4 What you think based on observations Inference
#5 Any factor that can change during an experiment variable
#1 What two things make a good hypothesis for an experiment? testable and measurable
#2 What part of the scientific method does the hypothesis answer? The question
#3 Hypothesis: The frog likes to hang out in the water bowl. not testable or measurable
#4 Hypothesis: It takes 231 licks to get to the center of a Tootsiepop. testable and measurable :-)
#5 Hypothesis: The plant will grow moare leaves when it is given fertilizer weekly testable and measurable :-)
Diagram and Models
#1 Name a rule of a scientific diagram. must be labeled
#2 Name a rule of a scientific diagram. neatly drawn
#3 Name a rule of a scientific diagram. arrows must touch the object
#4 How is a scientific diagram different than a regular drawing?
#5 Why do scientist use a model of Earth?
Observation - Inference
Final Question