U.S. History EOC Review Answer Key

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Civil Rights
#1 Civil Rights Leader who founded the SCLC. He had a dream! He was assassinated in Memphis, TN Martin Luther King Jr
#2 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus in this city. Montgomery, AL
#3 He belived that violence was the best way for African Americans to get full equality Malcolm X
#4 He founded the NAACP, he belived that African Americans should demand full equality from white people and not just be happy with they way they were treated W.E.B. Dubois
#5 Tennessee Senator who refused to sign the Southern Manifesto, his son later ran for President. Albert Gore, Sr.
Businessmen and Entrepreneurs
#1 He made his millions in the steel industry. He brought the Bessemer process to America. He donated millions to build libraries. Andrew Carnegie
#2 He made his fortune in the Standard Oil Company John D. Rockefeller
#3 Founder of Apple Computers. Steve Jobs
#4 This man made his millions in real estate before becoming a reality TV star. Donald Trump
#5 He founded Jeff Bezos
#1 WSM radio and the Grand Ole Opry are important to this industry. Country Music
#2 Sun Studios put rock and roll on the map when this famous Tennessean recorded there. Elvis Presley
#3 Oak Ridge was built as part of this secret government operation. Manhattan Project
#4 Harry Burn, a young legislator listened to his mother and at the last minute changed his vote, which made Tennessee the 36th state to pass this amendment giving women the right to vote 19th.
#5 This TN company produced aluminum for aircraft during World War II Alcoa
#1 He is the only POTUS to be elected 4 times. He suffered from polio, He was POTUS during at the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of WWII FDR
#2 This POTUS had makeshift housing communities named after him because of his poor performance handling the depression. Hoover
#3 As a resulf of the Watergate scandal, he is the only POTUS to resign from office. Nixon
#4 He was the youngest POTUS to ever serve, he oversaw the construction if the Panama Canal. He sad, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick' Teddy Roosevelt
#5 This man became POTUS in 1952 when he promised to end the Korean Conflict. While in office he also started the Interstate Highway System Eisenhower
#1 She wrote the Feminine Mystique and also started NOW. Betty Friedan
#2 The new woman of the 1920's. Flappers
#3 Investigative journalists who wrote about the need for reform during the Gilded Age. Muckrakers
#4 This POTUS chose to drop atomic boms on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He believed that doing so would save American lives. Harry Truman
#5 This man made his millions when he developed the idea for a chain of low cost retail stores Sam Walton
Final Question
Upton Sinclair's book that portrayed the dirty practices of the meat packing industry during the Gilded Age. The Jungle