Simile or Metaphor Answer Key

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Simile or Metaphor
#1 Jim is as silly as a clown simile
#2 The noise is music to his ears. metaphor
#3 Her hair was bone white. metaphor
#4 The sidewalk is as hot as the sun. simile
#5 Tim has a heart of gold. metaphor
Simile or Metaphor
#1 He runs as fast as a cheetah. simile
#2 Sara is a fish. metaphor
#3 The dog is a cowardly lion. metaphor
#4 Mom shakes like a tree when I sneak up on her. simile
#5 The baby giraffe is as tall as a basketball player. simile
Simile or Metaphor
#1 Sandy grinned like a jack-o-lantern simile
#2 Her daughter is the light of her life. metaphor
#3 It rained cats and dogs outside. metaphor
#4 Sam was jumping for joy. metaphor
#5 She ran as slow as a snail. simile
Simile or Metaphor
#1 Tina was as brave as a lion walking through the haunted house. simile
#2 The valentine was as pink as a flamingo. simile
#3 Dreams are wisps of smoke. metaphor
#4 Cindy is as smart as Albert Einstein. simile
#5 The night was as black as tar. simile
What does it mean?
#1 She ate like a pig. She ate a lot and she ate fast.
#2 My sister is a demon when she wakes up early. She is mean or grumpy.
#3 Dan was as quiet as a mouse. Very quiet.
#4 The lake was as smooth as glass. Looked like crystal. Very smooth.
#5 Jon swims like a fish. He swims very well.
Final Question
What does it mean when someone says they are 'rolling in dough'? It means they have a lot of money.