BIll of Rights Answer Key

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Amendment 1
#1 You can have a peaceful meeting with a group of people. Right to assemble/gather
#2 You may choose your religion or have no religion at all. Freedom of religion
#3 You can write a complaint letter to the government. freedom to petition the government
#4 The government does not control the media. freedom of the press
#5 You have the right to say what you want. freedom of speech
Amendment 2-4
#1 Freedom from being forced to quarter soldiers. Amendment 3
#2 You may own a gun. Amendment 2
#3 Police canít come into your house without a warrant. Amendment 4
#4 The right of the people to keep and bear Arms.'> Amendment 2
#5 You or your property may not be search without a warrant. Amendment 4
Amendment 5-8
#1 Right to a speedy and public trial. Amendment 6
#2 You can have a lawyer for trial. Amendment 6
#3 You have the right to have a jury. Amendment 7
#4 You do not have to be a witness against yourself. Amendment 5
#5 No cruel or unusual punishment. Amendment 8
Amendment 9-10
#1 You have certain rights that are not listed in the constitution. Amendment 9
#2 Powers not listed for the government are for the citizens. Amendment 10
#3 Powers not listed for the national government belong to the states. Amendment 10
#4 Citizens have certain rights. Amendment 9
#5 You have the right to own your own business. Amendment 9
Citizen's Responsibility
#1 Voting for a presidential candidate. exercising the right to vote
#2 Register for the selective service/draft. defend your country, obey laws
#3 File income taxes. pay taxes, obeying laws
#4 Serve in the National Guard defend country
#5 Getting license plates for your car. obeying laws, pay taxes
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