Kinds of Sentences Answer Key

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Sentence Identification and End Mark
#1 When are you coming back from vacation interrogative, ?
#2 Take some time to find out why the computerís keyboard is not working imperative, .
#3 Carrots contain some very important nutrients declarative, .
#4 This drawer is where we keep the spare batteries declarative, .
#5 Go get another paper towel from the kitchen imperative, .
Sentence Identification and End Mark
#1 I am sick and tired of all these mosquitos exclamation, !
#2 I canít believe how slow this computer is exclamation, !
#3 The price of copper has risen over twenty per cent this month alone declarative, .
#4 Slow down before you get into an accident imperative, .
#5 I feel terrible that you got stuck in a wind storm this morning declarative, .
Sentence Identification and End Mark
#1 The smoke alarm battery should be changed at least once a year declarative, .
#2 Did the door lock behind you interrogative, ?
#3 Tell me about your experience at your last employer imperative, .
#4 Get up out of that bed immediately imperative or exclamatory, . or !
#5 Clean out the gutters with this plastic scooper I bought imperative, .
Sentence Identification and End Mark
#1 How many minutes do we have left interrogative, ?
#2 Garrett could not remember enough to be of any help to the police declarative, .
#3 The house will be built on a hill declarative, .
#4 How did you find the card interrogative, ?
#5 The monster is attacking exclamatory, !
Sentence Identification and End Mark
#1 Cheryl, try the other door imperative, .
#2 Look in the closet imperative, .
#3 Why do you believe that interrogative, ?
#4 I want to know why you believe that declarative, .
#5 Your face is frightening the baby exclamatory, !
Final Question