Biomes Answer Key

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#1 this biome has the greatest variety of plants and animals Rain Forest
#2 this biome has the fewest number of plants and animals Tundra
#3 This biome has leaves that shed Deciduous Forest
#4 This biome has large roaming grazing animals Grasslands
#5 this biome has lots of evergreen trees Taiga
#1 this a layer of permanently frozen soil found in the tundra permafrost
#2 This is the top layer of the rainforest canopy
#3 this is where the waves lap the shore and tides rise and fall Intertidal zone
#4 This is the process by which plants make food from sunlight photosynthesis
#5 This is the word that means plants and animals need each other interdependence
#1 One single organism is called individual
#2 A group of individuals of the same species population
#3 A group of populations living in the same environment Community
#4 The plants and animals in their physical enviornment is called Ecosystem
#5 a large scale ecosystem biome
Food Chains
#1 These are usually at the bottom of the food chain Producers
#2 An animal that eats a producer is called 1st level consumer (or herbivore)
#3 an animal that eats an herbivore is called 2nd level consumer (or carnivore)
#4 animals that eat plants and meat are called Omnivores
#5 These break down the tissue of dead organisms decomposers
#1 this biome has very few plants on the ground because sunlight can't reach Rain Forest
#2 this biome has plants with roots close to the surface of the soil and thick stems on plants desert
#3 These get their energy from the sun Producers
#4 This is a series of food chains food web
#5 The number of animals that live in a place depend on what The number of producers (plants)
Final Question
The plants and animals that live in a biome depend on what three things? Climate, soil, and rainfall