Inference Answer Key

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Context Clues
#1 I was so parched, that I drank an entire glass of water in one gulp. Parched means... What is thirsty?
#2 Wilson put on a heavy coat, a wool scarf, several pairs of socks inside his boots, and fur-lined gloves to protect himself against the frigid weather. Frigid means... What is cold?
#3 The saturated, dripping dog ran in the house after swimming in the lake. Saturated means... What is wet?
#4 I tried to persuade her to recycle her plastic bottles, but I just couldn't talk her into it. Persuade means... What is convince?
#5 Candles, flashlights, and lamps illuminate the room. Illuminate means... What is light up?
Setting (When or Where)
#1 Sand, water, swimsuits What is the beach?
#2 Snow, coats, cold What is winter?
#3 food, tables, waiter What is a restaurant?
#4 thermometers, doctors, the sick or the injured What is a hospital?
#5 tickets, large darkened room, popcorn What is the movies?
Character's Feelings or Traits
#1 Janet's eyes were very heavy. She had been studying all night and didn't get enough sleep. Janet laid her head down on her desk. She is feeling... What is tired?
#2 Angelica is very quiet in class. Whenever she is asked a question in class, her face turns red and she'll look down while answering. Angelica gets embarrassed easily. She can be described as... What is shy or bashful?
#3 Casey is the lead singer in the school choir. She is the leader in her dance group. Casey also is an excellent piano player. Next week, she is trying out for the school play. We all know that she will do well. She can be described as... What is talented?
#4 I had to make a speech in front of the school. Before the speech, I was pacing back and forth and my palms were sweaty. I wasn't really scared, but I really was... What is nervous?
#5 John loves to live life on the edge. He climbs mountains, races cars, and wrestles alligators. Some people say he is crazy. He describes himself as________. What is adventurous?
Job Riddles
#1 I care for the sick at a hospital. I used to wear all white and wear a fancy hat. I am a... What is a nurse?
#2 I work in a courtroom. I make decisions about cases. I wear long robes. I am a... What is a judge?
#3 I deal with a lot of money. I spend a lot of time in a bank. I usually own or work in one. I am a... What is a banker?
#4 I am good with my hands. I can build houses, roads, and sometimes tall buildings. I am a... What is a construction worker?
#5 I am known for my great designs. I work with construction workers so they could build my drawings. I am a... What is an architect?
Animal Riddles
#1 I have a beard, but I don't shave. I sometimes have a horn, but it is not an instrument. I also have hoofs. I am a... What is a goat?
#2 I am known for my massive size and my short legs. I have one or two horns on my snout. I am a... What is a rhinoceros?
#3 I could beat you in a race. As a matter of fact, I could beat anything on land! My coat has spots, but it's not dirt. I am a ... What is a cheetah?
#4 I have skin that is really scaly. It changes colors so I could fit in. I am a... What is a chameleon?
#5 I have a trunk that I can't take to the airport. I use my ears as fans. I am a... What is an elephant?
Final Question
Using clues to figure out the meaning of an unknown word is using.... What are context clues?