prepositions, conjunctions, interjections Answer Key

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#1 a word that connects words, groups of words, or sentences coordinating conjunction
#2 words that show mild to extreme emotion interjection
#3 conjunctions that work as partners correlative conjunction
#4 words that tell location, direction, or spacial relationships preposition
#5 connect two complete ideas by making one of the ideas subordinate or less important than the other subordinating conjunction
find the prepositions
#1 The student sat in his chair. in
#2 The bird passed outside the window. outside
#3 She sat outside on the grass. on
#4 The ball rolled between the players legs and under the fence. between, under
#5 Beside the chair is a book that is in a bag. Beside, in
find the interjection
#1 Wow, I didn't know you could do that. Wow
#2 You made the team. Congratulations! Congratulations
#3 OMG! I can't believe she said that. OMG
#4 Yes, I did tell you that assignment was due today. Yes
#5 I did make that mess. Sorry! Sorry
find the subordinating conjunctions
#1 Although he came to school, Paul did not put forth his best effort. Although
#2 Claire does a great job when she tries her best. when
#3 Students should focus on their grades so that they can get into a good college. so that
#4 Whether or not you like Josh Hamilton, you have to admit he is a good player. Whether or not
#5 I hope you all have a wonderful spring break even if the weather is not nice. even if
find the coordinating or correlative conjunctions
#1 Both Shannon and Collin are in my first period class. Both... and
#2 I am looking forward to summer, so I can take Wes to the beach. so
#3 Not only does he like playing in the sand but also collecting shells. Not only ....but also
#4 For the past two years, we have gone to the beach with my parents and the Rutherfords. and
#5 Wes usually doesn't get in the water, for he is afraid of it. for
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