Middle School Science Quiz Answer Key

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Science Vocab
#1 The point in which a solid become a liquid Melting Point
#2 Flammability, reactivity, and solubility are all examples of a substances Physical properties
#3 A combination of 2 or more substances that are not chemically combined Mixture
#4 Atoms that have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons Isotope
#5 The constant velocity of a falling object when the force of air resistance is equal in magnitude and opposition in direction to the force of gravity Terminal Velocity
Molecular Math
#1 Mr. Z Traveled 7 miles in 15 minutes. What is his average foot per second? 2464 ft/s
#2 A substance has a mass of 45kg and a volume of 43m3. What is the density 1.05kg/m3
#3 A marble at rest is dropped from a building. It travels for 3 seconds. What is the pennies velocity? 29.4m/s downward
#4 A beaker has 125ml of water in it. After a large gold nugget is placed in the beaker the water level changes to 180ml. What is the gold's voume? 55ml
#5 An acorn falls from a tree and hits the ground with a velocity of 14.7 m/s. How long did it take the acorn to land? 1.5 seconds
Periodic table
#1 The periodic table is divided into 3 main sections. What are they? Metals, non-metals, and gasses
#2 True or fase, the atomic number is the number of protons and electrons combined False
#3 When an atom has more electrons than protons we can assume that this atom is known as a ? What is an Ion
#4 The atomic mass of an element is created from which two 'things' combined? Protons and neutrons
#5 I am the SI unit used to express the mass of particles in an atom Atomic mass unit (amu)
Physical Properties
#1 The rate at which a substance transfers heat Thermal Conductivity
#2 I am the ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance Solubility
#3 I am the ability of a substance to be pulled into a wire Ductility
#4 I am the ability of a substance to be rolled or pounded into thin sheats Malleability
#5 I am the amount of matter in a given space Density
Pure Randomness
#1 I am applied to a substance to reduce friction Lubricants
#2 Newtons 1st law of motion An object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by another force
#3 what is the net force of an object that has 25n applied from the right and 36n to the left? 11n left
#4 The point at which a liquid becomes a gas Evaporation point
#5 I am the most abundant element on Earth Carbon
Final Question
_Fe + _H2O ===> _Fe3O4 + _H2 3Fe + 4H2O ===> Fe3O4 + 4H2