Greek and Latin Roots Answer Key

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ped = foot
#1 creature with two feet biped
#2 creature with 100 feet centipede
#3 person who goes from door to door on foot trying to sell a product peddler
#4 person who walks across the street on foot pedestrian
#5 something that stands in one's way; an obstacle impediment
man/manu = hand
#1 person who has the upper hand; person in charge of someone or something manager
#2 treatment for the hands and nails manicure
#3 to make by hand or by machine manufacture
#4 to set free; to lend a hand in freeing someone emancipate
#5 to handily or skillfully go around something maneuver
spec = see/look
#1 to look at carefully in search of flaws inspect
#2 to look up to someone; to show honor respect
#3 glasses that help someone see better spectacles
#4 one way of looking at things perspective
#5 careful to look at all possibilities before acting; cautious circumspect
dict = speak
#1 to say what will happen before it occurs predict
#2 the decision a jury makes in a trial verdict
#3 a leader who speaks and rules with total power dictator
#4 to speak against; to say the opposite contradict
#5 a reference book in which spoken or written words are defined dictionary
sect = cut/separate
#1 to cut into two pieces bisect
#2 a separate part of something section
#3 a couch that is made up of separate pieces sectional
#4 to cut across something transect
#5 surgery on living animals for medical research vivisection
Final Question
the point at which two lines or roads meet and cut across each other intersection