The French Revolution Answer Key

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Three Estates
#1 This was the chief tax of France that the First Estate was exempt from. What is the Taille?
#2 Comprised the Second Estate with a population fo 350,000 and 25% of land ownership. Who were the Nobles?
#3 Prior to the abolishment of Feudalism, many of the Third Estate were known as. Who are Serfs?
#4 This group made up the First Estate and was controlled by those from aristocratic families. Who is the Clergy?
#5 This group of merchants, lawyers, and bankers made up the higher end of the Third Estate. Who are the Bourgeosie?
Estates General to National Assembly
#1 Identify one of the three reasons for the breakdown in the French economy. Food Shortage, Overspending, inflation
#2 This group in the Estates-General was often outvoted by a 2-1 block. Third Estate
#3 Attempt to write a constiution after being locked out of the Esates-General was sworn. Tennis Court Oath
#4 Mob violence led to the storming of this Parisian capital landmark. Bastille
#5 Newly formed National Assembly issued this document inspired by the US Decl. of Ind + Bill of Rights Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
New Fears
#1 This new conservative body created laws and eventually declared war on Austria. The Legislative Assembly
#2 Seizure of property and lands of this group were sold to raise money for the nation. Catholic Church
#3 The new government of France consisted of this type of Monarchy. Limited
#4 Rebellion by this group in Paris, captured the King, demanded a National Convention and universal suffrage Paris Commune
#5 Radicals gaining power in National Assembly known for being 'without breeches' Sans-Culottes
Radical Revolution
#1 Radical group that was divided into factions of the Mountain and Girondins Jacobins
#2 Louis XVI and this wife were executed by the National Convention. Marie Antoinette
#3 To ensure all those against the revolution were punished, Robespierre headed up this> Committee of Public Safety
#4 Council of 500 and Elders selected 5 Elders to run this group. Directory
#5 It is estimated that 40,000 people were executed during this era. Reign of Terror
#1 At 30 years old this General gained power over France in event known as. Coup d'etat
#2 Though Napoleon was not religious, he reinstituted this group in exchange that they didn't demand the return of properties Catholic Church
#3 Simplification of laws that preserved many ideas of the revolution. Napoleonic Code or Civil Code
#4 This nation's Naval supremacy was an enemy of Napoleon that he could never defeat. Britain
#5 The first of Napoleon's military failures against the Russians led to this. His exile on Elba
Final Question
The final defeat of Napoleon came at the hand of the Duke of Wellington in this battle. Waterloo.