Jeopardy Number the Stars, Class 1 Answer Key

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Chapters 1, 2, 3
#1 Why did Annemarie want to run? Annemarie wanted to run to win the athletic meet for girls on Friday.
#2 What did Mrs. Hirsch sell and why did the Johansens need it? Mrs. Hirsch sold buttons, and they needed it for Kirsti's jacket.
#3 What corner were the two soldiers standing on? Osterbrogade Street
#4 Where did the bombing from the Resistance take place? Hillerod and Norrebro
#5 What did the soldier say about Kirsti? She was pretty like his own little girl.
Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7
#1 What was the name of Uncle Henrik's boat? The Ingeborg
#2 What play were Annemarie and Ellen acting out while playing with their dolls? Gone With the Wind
#3 At what church was Lise's funeral held? A Lutheran Church
#4 What did Annemarie think about Kirsti sometimes? She sometimes thought that Kirsti was a pest, always butting in.
#5 What was Mrs. Johansen's aunt's name (for the funeral)? Great Aunt Birtie
Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11
#1 What was the kitten's name? Thor
#2 What did Mama say Great Aunt Birtie died of? Typhus
#3 What did the Nazi officer do to Mama? slapped her
#4 How man pounds was the baby? About 8 pounds
#5 What color were the cow's eyes? Brown
Chapters 12, 13, 14, 15
#1 Why was Mama lying on the entrance to the path? She tripped over a root and hurt her ankle.
#2 Who dropped the package that was supposed to be given to Uncle Henrik? Mr. Rosen
#3 What was in the package and why was it important? A handkerchief; it had medicine soaked into it to numb the sense of smell for the Nazi dogs.
#4 When the soldiers said that their dogs smell meat, what did Annemarie say in reply? 'Your dogs must smell squirrels in the woods.'
#5 What did Uncle Henrik say about the soldiers taking his bread? He said, 'I hope they choke on it.'
Chapters 16, 17, and Afterward
#1 What is the definition of brave in the book? Not thinking about dangers, just thinking about what you must do.
#2 What was in the handkerchief? Cocaine and DRIED rabbit blood
#3 What was in Peter's letter? (4 things) I love you. I'm not afraid. I'm proud to serve my country in the way that I did. May I be buried next to Lise?
#4 At Lise's funeral, why did Peter have on a hat? Peter wanted to hide his red hair because the Nazis were looking for him.
#5 Where was Peter shot? At the Town Square in Ryvangen, Copenhagen
Final Question
Lois Lowry based the character of Peter on what man in true history? Kim Malthe-Bruun