Call of the Wild Jeopardy Answer Key

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#1 What is the “yellow metal” talked about in the first paragraph? Doing what he pleases
#3 Who taught buck the law of the club? To pay off a debt
#5 Spitz dislikes Buck because Buck He dug a nest in the snow
#2 What lesson did Buck learn from seeing Curly killed? Living in the wild
#4 What did Buck first learn to do to avoid being hungry? Stole his food
#1 At the end of the fight with Spitz, Buck is called the “Dominant Primordial Beast,” a description which emphasizes his made little booties for his feet
#3 How did Thornton show his love for Buck? Sled dog
#5 Buck makes friends with a timber wolf, called his “wood brother.” This fact emphasizes Buck’s