Employability Skills Answer Key

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Define Me
#1 What is a skill? Something that someone is able to do well.
#2 What is a personal or self/management skill? Skills that we use daily that we use daily in order to be sucessful at school.
#3 What is a job specific skill? Skills necessary for a specific job
#4 What is another name for soft skills? Personal or Self-management l
#5 What is a transferable skill? Skills that can be used in many different job settings.
Name that skill
#1 The ability to speak before a group Transferable skill / Communication
#2 Organize and schedule Personal or self-management Skill
#3 Communication skills (reading/writing/speaking/listening) Transferable Skill
#4 Math Skills (calculator/fractions/measuremens/etc) Transferable Skill
#5 Good attendance Personal or self-management skill
#1 Is listening a communication skill? yes
#2 Name 3 communication skills reading, comprehension, writing, keyboarding, listening,
#3 Would using walkie-talkies, cell phones, and headsets be considered communication technology yes
#4 Being able to repair a computer or telephone would be examples of communication skills (true or false) false
#5 Name 3 types of communication technology internet/computrs/phones/fax/ e-mail
Could it be
#1 A skill can fit into more than one category (true or false) true
#2 We are born with all the skills we will ever have (true or false) false
#3 Making change $$$ would be a transferrable or job specific skill either
#4 Getting along with others would be a soft skill or job specific skill soft skill
#5 A good employee must have at least 10 specific job skills (true or false) false
Which skill?
#1 Getting along with others is what kind of skill? Self-management or Personal
#2 The ability to work independently is what kind of skill? Self-management or Personal
#3 Training others is what kind of skill? Transferable
#4 Reading, Writing and Math are examples of Transferable skills
#5 Welding, woodworking, sewing, designing are all examples of Job specific skills
Final Question
Name 3 main classification of employability skills Transferable/ personal or self/management or soft /job specific