The 27 Amendments Jeopardy Answer Key

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#1 Which amendment details the rights of the accused (no double-jeopardy or self-incrimination)? The 5th Amendment
#2 Which amendment allowed National Senators to be chosen by voters instead of State Legislatures? The 17th Amendment
#3 Which amendment prohibits any state from being sued in a federal court by a resident of another state or foreign country? The 11th Amendment
#4 Which amendment says that any raise that Congress gives itself will take effect after the next election? The 27th Amendment
#5 What are the five freedoms guaranteed by the first amendment? Speech, religion, press, petition, and assemble peacefully
#1 Which amendment guaranteed people the right to bear arms and form militias? The 2nd Amendment
#2 Which amendment combined the President and Vice President into one election ticket? The 12th Amendment
#3 This amendment gives states any power not given to the federal government. The 10th Amendment
#4 What did the 13th amendment do? Ended slavery
#5 Which amendment prohibited the making and selling of alcohol and which amendment repealed it? The 18th and 21st Amendments
#1 This amendment outlawed Poll Taxes in federal elections. The 24th Amendment
#2 This amendment declared that the government could not quarter troops in civilians homes in times of peace. The 3rd Amendment
#3 The right to vote could not be denied on a basis of race, color, or previous conditions of servitude was guaranteed by which amendment? The 15th Amendment
#4 What did the 4th Amendment do? Protection from illegal search and seizures/Officers need a warrant
#5 What did the 19th Amendment do? Gave women the right to vote
#1 Which amendment gave people the right to a trial by jury and the right to an attorney? The 6th Amendment
#2 Which amendment makes sure that all citizens get 'equal protection of the law' to make sure they all enjoy the same rights? The 14th Amendment
#3 Which amendment protects the rights of the people that are not listed in the Constitution? The 9th Amendment
#4 This amendment declares who takes over as President if he or she is unable to fulfill the position. The 25th Amendment
#5 What did the 26th Amendment do? Lowered the voting age to 18
#1 Which amendment outlaws cruel and unusual punishment? The 8th Amendment
#2 This amendment gave Congress the right to levy an income tax. The 16th Amendment
#3 Which amendment gave 3 electoral votes to Washington, DC? The 23rd Amendment
#4 The right to a jury trial in a federal civil court case where the suit is for $20 or more is mentioned in which amendment? The 7th Amendment
#5 What did the 22nd amendment do? Limited the President to 2 elections and only 10 years in office
Final Question
What did the 20th amendment do? Changed when Congress (Jan 2) and the President (Jan 20) begin their terms