Food Chains and Food Webs Answer Key

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#1 The path of energy that always starts with the sun that shows one organism eating another. What is the food chain?
#2 When one animal eats another animal or plant, they both become part of a ____________. What is a food chain?
#3 Two or more overlapping food chains is a _________________. What is a food web?
#4 The arrow in a food chain means this. What is 'is eaten by' or 'is food for'?
#5 An animal or plant that lives in or on another living organism is this. What is a parasite?
Carnivore, Herbivore, or Omnivore
#1 An animal that has flat teeth and eats only plants. What is an herbivore?
#2 A great white shark is an example of this. What is a carnivore?
#3 Deer and rabbits eat only green plants. They are examples of these. What are herbivores?
#4 A lion eats only meat. It has very sharp teeth. It is an example of this. What is a carnivore?
#5 An animal that eats animals and plants is called this. What is an omnivore?
Predator or Prey
#1 Animals that hunt down other animals for food are called this. What are predators?
#2 Animals that are hunted and become food for other animals are called this. What are prey?
#3 Wolves hunt, kill, and eat other animals. Wolves are _______________. What are predators?
#4 A zebra has to run from a pride of lions so it is not eaten. This makes a zebra _______________. What is prey?
#5 True or False - An animal can be both predator and prey. What is true?
Producer, Consumer, or Decomposer
#1 An organism that makes its own food using air, water, and sunlight. They are green plants. What is a producer?
#2 A living thing that eats other living things to survive. What is a consumer?
#3 Humans eat other animals and plants. That makes us ___________. What are consumers?
#4 A living thing that breaks down and feeds on the remains of non-living things. What is a decomposer?
#5 Give three examples of producers. What are trees, plants, and grass?
All Mixed Up
#1 All food chains start with a ________________. What is a producer?
#2 Bacteria, moss, mushrooms, and fungi are examples of these. What are decomposers?
#3 Which part of the food chain is affected by one animal being taken out or becoming extinct? What is the whole thing?
#4 This kind of consumer eats the producer. What is a primary consumer?
#5 This kind of consumer eats something like a rabbit. What is a secondary consumer?
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