USI Jeopardy Final Exam Review Round II Answer Key

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Early Republic
#1 Whose economic plan aimed to make the country's economic position more secure? Alexander Hamilton
#2 What did Washington's action during the Whiskey Rebellion show the nation? Federal government was not a pushover and would be committed to enforcing federal laws
#3 Why was the election of Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800 so important? Peaceful passing on of power to another political party
#4 Why did political parties form in the late 1700s? Conflicts over the power of the federal government and America’s economic future.
#5 What were the two reasons why Patrick Henry and many of the other Anti-Federalists were against ratification of the Constitution? (1) Took away power from the states and (2) it did not have a Bill of Rights
National Challenges
#1 What was the economic result of Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin? Cotton became king of crops in the South
#2 Why was the Monroe Doctrine issued? Prevent further European colonization of the western hemisphere
#3 Southern cotton was used in textile mills in which two places? North & Britain
#4 Most Southerners did not own a single slave and were poor farmers known as what? Yeoman Farmers
#5 In the years before the Civil War, the U.S. was divided among the North, South, and West, which is known as what? Sectionalism
Andrew Jackson
#1 Which policy of Andrew Jackson meant that elected officials were rewarded for winning by being allowed to appoint their loyal supporters to government jobs? Spoils System
#2 Andrew Jackson's forced march of the Cherokee was known as what? Trail of Tears
#3 Why was Andrew Jackson in favor of Indian Removal? Wanted to clear the way for white settlement of the land
#4 Which sectional crisis involved South Carolina's threat to ignore the federal tariff? Nullification Crisis
#5 Which major achievement of Andrew Jackson actually helped him win the election of 1828 against John Quincy Adams? Expanded the electorate and lowered voting restrictions (like the property requirement)
Expansion & Industry
#1 Many rural farmers left their farms to work where during the 1800s? Cities (factories)
#2 The main reasons for the start of the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s were access to: (1) capital, (2) rivers, (3) cheap labor, and (4) what? Natural Resources
#3 What was an immediate effect of the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825? Farmers in the Ohio Valley could more easily ship grain to Eastern markets
#4 What was the 800 mile transportation route from Maryland to Illinois that contributed greatly to economic growth in antebellum America? National Road
#5 What was the result of the Missouri Compromise? Balance of free and slave states was maintained and Missouri was admitted as a slave state and Maine was admitted as a free state
Reform Era
#1 Which reform movement aimed to develop informed citizens that would make better decisions as they experienced democracy? Education
#2 Before Dorothea Dix's reforms, where were most mentally ill people held? Prisons with Criminals
#3 Horace Mann, the father of common schools, convinced the state of Massachusetts to establish laws providing for training for teachers and also what else? Mandatory free public schools
#4 Backlash against immigrants, such as the "Know Nothing Party" promoted native-born Americans over immigrants. This is known as what? Nativism
#5 Which women's rights event in New York was organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott? Seneca Falls Convention
Final Question