Layers of the Earth (Carter) Answer Key

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#1 What is the thinnest layer of the Earth? crust
#2 List the layers of the Earth from hottest to coolest. inner core, outer core, mantle, crust
#3 Which layer of the Earth vibrates in place because of the pressure? inner core
#4 What is the only liquid layer of the Earth? outer core
#5 What type of rock is the oceanic crust made of? basalt
#1 What is the thickest layer of the Earth? mantle
#2 Which layer of the crust is more dense? oceanic
#3 Why is the inner core solid? All of the other layers put so much pressure on this layer, so it makes it a solid.
#4 What type of rock is the continental crust made of? granite
#5 How is the heat from deep in Earth's interior transferred to the crust? convection currents in the mantle
#1 Which layer is the most dense? inner core
#2 What are the two types of crust? oceanic and continental
#3 What is the name of the movement in the mantle? convection currents
#4 How are the inner core and outer core alike? They are both made of iron and nickel.
#5 Which layer is made up of solid and melted rock? mantle
#1 What is the hottest layer of the Earth? inner core
#2 What is the solid layer of the Earth that is capable of flow? mantle
#3 What two layers make up the lithosphere? bottom of crust and top of mantle
#4 How are the inner core and outer core different? Inner core is solid; outer core is liquid. (Inner is also hotter.)
#5 What three things are the greatest in the inner core? pressure, density, and temperature
#1 What is the coolest layer of the Earth? crust
#2 Define density. how tightly packed something is
#3 Which layer of the crust is thinnest? oceanic
#4 The outer core is molten ________, and the mantle is molten _______. metal, rock
#5 What is another name for the soft layer of the mantle? asthenosphere
Final Question
How many miles thick is the mantle? 1,800 miles