Independent Clauses, Dependent Clauses, Semicolons and Commas! Answer Key

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Independent Clauses
#1 What is an independent clause? contains a subject, a verb, and expresses a complete thought; can stand by itself as a sentence
#2 Identify the independent clause: Although I come from a big family, I am an only child. I am an only child.
#3 How many independent clauses can you identify in the following sentence? It is difficult to fall asleep during the daytime; the sun shines in through the spaces formed between the blinds. 2: two independent clauses joined by a semi colon
#4 Identify the independent clause: Mrs. Smith warned Maria to sit up straight and take notes during the interview. Mrs. Smith warned Maria
#5 Identify the purpose of the word 'but' in this sentence: Mary swam in the pool, but she didn't stay in long because it was cold. Coordinating conjunction
Dependent Clauses
#1 What is a dependent clause? Contains a subject and a verb but does not express a complete though; it cannot stand alone in a sentence
#2 Name five dependent marker words. though, while, since, because, if
#3 Identify the dependent clause: Unless Sarah can remember her lines, she will not be able to perform in the play. Unless Sarah can remember her lines
#4 Identify the dependent clause: Jeremy will ride the rollarcoaster if he can overcome his fear of heights. If he can overcome his fear of heights
#5 Form a sentence using using an independent and dependent clause Answers may very
#1 When writing out dates in a sentence where do you put the commas? ex/ March 25, 2012
#2 Find the error: 'He was able', she answered, 'to complete the assignment.' 'He was able,' she answered, 'to complete the assignment.'
#3 When using interrupters in a sentence such as 'however' and 'therefore' where does the comma go? ex/ ...,however,...
#4 Do clauses that begin with 'that' need commas? NO!
#5 Name the 7 coordinating conjunctions that are used with commas to seperate independent clauses. for, and, but, so, yet, nor, or
#1 You use a semicolon in place of a ______ when the conjunction has been left out. a period
#2 What kind of clauses does a semicolon link? independent
#3 Sentences must be (short/long) in order to use a semicolon to connect them. short
#4 Can you use semicolons to introduce a list? NO!
#5 Use the semicolon to seperate units of a series when one or more of the units contain _____. commas
#1 What is it called when you make the error of inserting a comma between two independent clauses? comma splice
#2 What's another term for a fused sentence? a run on sentence
#3 Name two ways to fix this sentence: I love the weather, it is so sunny outside. use a period to seperate; semicolon to seperate; insert 'because'
#4 What is a sentence fragment? treat a dependent clause or other incomplete thought as a complete sentence
#5 If the sentence has an introductory word where does the comma go? after the introductory word; ex/ Yes, I do need that report.
Final Question
Is it possible to create a sentence containing a dependent clause, independent clause, semicolon and comma? If so, give an example. If you feel scared, I will hold your hand; it's just a movie.