Answer Key

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#1 interior most part of Greek or Roman temple cella
#2 garden designers imitating paintings picturesque
#3 central most location in a Frank Lloyd Wright home hearth
#4 castle like tower turret
#5 tour one would take after their formal education to visit the antiquities of Greece and Classical Roman empire Grand Tour
landscape architecture
#1 father of landscape architecture Frederick Law Omsted
#2 grid subdividing the western American landscape Jeffersonian grid
#3 ecozone between land and water (river or stream) riparian
#4 story depicted in Stourhead Aeneid
#5 landscape architect for Knowlton Hall Van Valkenburgh
#1 style for Farnsworth House Modernism
#2 style for Temple of Khons Egyptian
#3 style for Barcelona Pavilion Modernism
#4 style for Knowlton School of Architecture Contemporary
#5 style for Wexner Center Post Modernism or Deconstructivism
5 points
#1 replacing the landscape on the top of the building roof garden
#2 structural system of grid of columns piloti
#3 long thin horizontal window ribbon window
#4 possibility for walls to be arranged differently each floor because walls are not structural free plan
#5 possibility for windows to be arranged at will because walls are not strutural free facade
Egyptian & Greek
#1 hall characterized in Egyptian space full of columns hypostyle hall
#2 interior most location in an Egyptian temple sanctuary
#3 order of column with volutes only, considered feminine Ionic
#4 spirit in Egyptian culture ka
#5 column in the shape of a woman caryatid
Final Question

name two styles coined/named by FLW

Prairie Style and Usonian