World History World War Two Review Answer Key

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#1 Leader of Nazi Germany Who is Adolph Hitler?
#2 Leader of the Soviet Union Who is Joseph Stalin?
#3 Fascist Dictator of Italy Who is Benito Mussolini?
#4 Winner of the Spanish Civil War Who is Francisco Franco?
#5 War time leader of Japan Who is Tojo Hideki?
Before the War
#1 East Asian country that was invaded by Japan Who is Manchuria?
#2 This caused German currency to lose its value in the 1920's What is inflation?
#3 The alliance between Germany and Italy - and later Japan What is the Axis?
#4 Organization that failed to keep the peace after World War One What is the League of Nations?
#5 Treaty that tried to outlaw warfare What is the Kellogg-Briand Pact
The War in Europe
#1 The invasion of this country began World War Two in Europe What is Poland?
#2 The German Air Force's attempt to defeat England What is the Battle of Britain?
#3 Allied invasion of France What is D-Day?
#4 Nickname of for Germany's new form of mobile warfare What is Blitzkrieg?
#5 Battle in the Soviet Union that was the turing point of the war in Europe What is Stalingrad?
War in the Pacific
#1 This caused the United States to enter World War Two What is the attack on Pearl Harbor?
#2 Weapon that ended the war against Japan What is the Atomic Bomb?
#3 Location of a battle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that turned the tide of war against Japan What is Midway Island?
#4 Japanese suicide planes What are Kamikazes?
#5 U.S. policy to attack only strategic islands and by-passing the rest What is island hopping?
Other Stuff
#1 The Axis Powers What are Germany, Italy, and Japan?
#2 The Allied Powers What are England, the United States and the Soviet Union?
#3 Cities that were destroyed by Atomic Bombs What are Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
#4 Countries that divided Poland in 1939 What are Germany and the Soviet Union?
#5 Weapon Germany used to fight for control of the Atlantic Ocean What are U-Boats?
Final Question