AP World History Answer Key

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8000 BCE - 600 CE
#1 This group created the world's first empire What are the Akkadians (c. 2300 BCE)
#2 A population explosion took place during this revolution What is the Neolithic Revolution
#3 This led to development of seperate poleis, or city states. What is the rugged, mountainous character of ancient Greece.
#4 Earliest evidence of writing in China is found on these. What are oracle bones?
#5 Imperial history of China begins with this dynasty in 1500 BCE What is the Shang dynast?
600 CE - 1450 CE
#1 Early conflict and fighting resulted in Arabia after Mohammed began preaching his new faith and when Islam challenged this What is the tribal polytheism of Arab culture?
#2 Shari'a can best be defined as this. What is the body of Islamic law and culture?
#3 Early Russia grew out of this city What is Kiev?
#4 Neo-Confucianism was a synthesis between older types of Chinese philosophy and this belief What is Buddhism?
#5 The classical era of Japan took place during the _______ period. What is the Heian
1450 - 1750 CE
#1 This is the cultural flowering and rebirth of classical learning What is the Renaissance?
#2 Ming China sought to impress the rest of Asia with its power by sponsering the voyages of this explorer? Who is Zheng He?
#3 The first European nation to sail to Asia and trade there was ____. What is Portugal?
#4 The growing competition among European nations after 1500 for wealth and empire is known as the ______ Revolution What is the Commercial Revolution?
#5 The theory of national wealth having to do with favorable trade balances is known as this What is mercantilism?
1750 - 1914
#1 The philosophes of the 18th century supported this type of government What is enlightened despotism
#2 This was the first anti-imperial revolution in the modern world What is the American Revolution?
#3 These are the magical resources that allowed Great Britain to experience the Industrial Revolution first coal, iron, capital, and lots o labor
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