ACT English Jeopardy Answer Key

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#1 This R word describes when a writer repeats himself or says the same thing twice in different ways redundant or redundancy
#2 What word should be changed in this sentence to to make the subject agree with the verb? - Good students do his homework. his should be changed to their
#3 the common phrase 'would of' should really be :would _____' have
#4 What kind of grammatical 'voice' is being used in this sentence? - The shoe was put on by bill. passive voice
#5 What is the antecedent of this sentence? - Jenny ate her mother's cookies. Jenny
English strategies
#1 How many questions are on the English ACT? 75
#2 How many minutes do you have to complete the English ACT? 45
#3 you should try to look at the ___________ before you read the passage question
#4 you should try not to look at the ________ before you answer the question possible answers
#5 how do you calculate your scale score on the English test? take raw score X 36 /75 -2
Reading test
#1 what is one strategy we have learned to read better or faster Teacher will determine if the answer is correct
#2 it is called __________ a ___________ ___________ when you skip a passage sacrificing a reading passage
#3 what is the first thing you must do to understand a reading passage? main idea
#4 how many passages are included in the reading portion of the ACT 4
#5 name the four different reading passages that are found in the Reading ACT Prose fiction, social studies, humanities, natural science
Reading strategies
#1 in order to have the highest chance to get the highest amount of points that you can, you must do what? hint. you do this if even if you are running out of time answer as all the questions
#2 how many minutes do you have to complete the reading test? 35
#3 How many questions are on the reading test? 40
#4 explain a double drill or a 2x drill when a person reads at twice his or her normal reading speed in order to condition the eye muscles to read faster
#5 calculate the reading speed of a person who reads ten lines in one minute of a passage that has 5 words per line 50 words per minute
#1 what is the highest possible score on a writing test? 6
#2 how many people grade the writing test? 2
#3 What happens if the people who grade the writing test are more than two points away from each other when they are scoring a writing test? a third person must make the final judgment call
#4 name the characteristics of a paper that gets a score of 0 Teacher will determine if the answer is correct
#5 how many maximum pages should you write while doing the written portion of the ACT? no more than 4
Final Question
Calculate how much time you will have to take all four parts of your ACT with Writing three hours and 25 minutes or 205 minutes