Gary Paulsen's Hatchet novel review Answer Key

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Chapters 1-5
#1 Who taught Brian about positive thinking? Mr. Perpich, his old English teacher
#2 What made Brian go all the way out on the log to get his drink? The water near the shore was murky and had bugs in it.
#3 What event upset Brian so much? He is upset about his parents' divorce.
#4 Why couldn't' Brian hear anyone over the radio? He forgot to let go of the button after he finished talking.
#5 What happened after Brian yelled, 'I'm hungry!'? All the animal noises stopped, and he heard complete silence.
Chapters 6-9
#1 What scared Brian so much when he was picking the raspberries? a bear
#2 Why was Brian so upset about thinking of his mother and Thursdays? She goes to see 'him' on Thursdays.
#3 What woke Brian up in the middle of the night? a growl and then a smell
#4 How did Brian figure out what animal it was in the shelter with him? A porcupine because he had quills stuck in his leg where he had kicked at the animal.
#5 How did Brian get shelter? He found a large dip in a stone wall and built a wall of woven sticks to close it off.
Chapters 10-13
#1 What was Brian's second idea to catch fish? He would try to make a bow and arrow and shoot the fish.
#2 What was an added bonus of the fire? The smoke kept the mosquitoes away.
#3 What did Brian hear when he was in the woods? an airplane
#4 What did Brian have to spend most of his time doing? finding food and wood for his fire
#5 What did the turtle leave behind? a nest full of eggs
Chapters 14-17
#1 Why did the moose attack Brian? Brian doesn't know. He thought it might be crazy.
#2 What was trying to steal Brian's eggs? a skunk
#3 How did Brian escape the moose? He crawled out on the other side of the stream and then played dead.
#4 What did Brian remember about the plane when he saw it? He remembered that there was a survival kit on it.
#5 How did Brian figure out which direction was which? He noticed the sun setting and figured out that must be west.
Chapters 18, 19, and Epilogue
#1 Why didn't Brian react to the plane or the pilot? He was in shock and couldn't believe that someone else was there.
#2 He was in shock and couldn't believe that someone else was there. Nothing, they went back to living separately.
#3 What happened when Brian found the survival kit? He saw the body of the pilot that had been eaten away by fish so only the skeleton was left, and he freaked out.
#4 What continued to be very important to Brian? food
#5 Why did Brian get angry at himself? He dropped the hatchet in the water.
Final Question
Describe Brian's mixed feelings about the rifle and the power it gives him. Answers will vary.