Ancient Rome Answer Key

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#1 First dictator of Rome Julius Caesar
#2 Caesar's Grandnephew- leader during Pax Romana Octavian or Augustus
#3 Born in Nazareth- crucified- was believed to be Messiah Jesus
#4 Roman Ruler- had crosses drawn on shields because of dream Constantine
#5 Roman emperor who split empire into two halves Diocletian
Pax Romana
#1 These were built throughout the empire to help travel Roads
#2 Where gladiators, ships battles, and other events were held Colosseum
#3 Built to bring fresh water to the people of Rome Aqueducts
#4 He was the Roman emperor during the Pax Romana Augustus or Octavian
#5 Augustus took one every 5 years to know who could be taxed Census
#1 Plebeians and Patricians made this group up Citizens
#2 Wealthy land owners and nobles Patricians
#3 Men who farmed, traded and made things for a living Plebeians
#4 The Senate was made up of these people Patricians
#5 Ten of these were elected out of the Citizen's Assembly Tribunes
#1 This war was between Rome and Carthage Punic Wars
#2 He led Carthages armies into Italy using elephants Hannibal
#3 He was murdered in the senate Julius Caesar
#4 She joined forces with Caesar and gave him money to continue his battle Cleopatra
#5 This city and its people were covered by volcanic ash after the volcano erupted Pompeii
#1 Stories that Jesus told that had a lesson Parables
#2 How Jesus was killed Crucifixion
#3 12 followers of Jesus, spread his teachings after his death apostles
#4 Leader of the Roman Catholic Church today Pope
#5 First bishop or regional church leader of Rome Peter
Final Question
Rome got its name from the story of two brothers, what were their names? Romulus and Remus