Hatchet Answer Key

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The Woods
#1 How old is Brian? 13
#2 What did Brian first make to help him catch something to eat? a spear
#3 Why doesn’t Brian look through the pack as soon as he gets to shore? Brian is too tired.
#4 Where did Brian store the turtle eggs? Buried in his shelter.
#5 What in the survival kit ended up saving Brian? emergency transmitter
Just me and my Hatchet
#1 How long had Brian been in the woods? 54 days
#2 How did Brian finally make a bow and arrow? He used a shoelace and a willow stick
#3 What did Brian miss the most the first few days after the crash? meat
#4 What caused the airplane to move to the top of the lake? a tornado
#5 What genre is Hatchet? realistic fiction
When can I get out of here?
#1 Where is Brian going in the beginning of the story? to the Canadian oil fields
#2 Why did Brian freak out when he dove down into the plane? he saw the pilots head
#3 Why was Brian going to Canada to see his father? His parents were divorced and his dad lived in Canada
#4 What was 'the secret' that Brian knew? he saw his mom kissing a strange man in a car
#5 Where did Brian crash the plane? in a lake
I want a burger
#1 How did Brian make his shelter? he found a small cave and made a branch wall to cover it
#2 Who is the author of Hatchet? Gary Paulsen
#3 What was the most important thing to Brian in the woods? the hatchet
#4 Why did Brian's plane crash? it ran out of gas
#5 Where did Brian see his mother kissing the strange man? in a car, outside the mall
#1 What do you say when you are done speaking on a walkie talkie? Over
#2 What happened to the pilot? Heartattack
#3 What is Brian's lastname? Robeson
#4 What does Brian find in the survival kit that had a coil of wire and a long antenna? Emergency Transmitter
#5 What is the question Brian asks the pilot who resuced him? Would you like something to eat?
Final Question
Name six animals that Brian encounters in the wildreness? Bear, Wolf, Fish, Shunk, Porcupine, Foolbird, Snapping Turtle