Meiosis Review 14 Answer Key

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#1 What is the first phase of meiosis? Prophase 1
#2 What is the second phase of meiosis? Metaphase 1
#3 What is the third phase of meiosis? Anaphase 1
#4 What is the fourth phase of meiosis? Telophase 1
#5 What are the final four phases of meiosis? Prophase 2, Metaphase 2, Anaphase 2, and Telophase 2
Meiosis Vocabulary
#1 What are the names of the male and female sex cells? sperm and egg
#2 Gametes are labeled N because they have one set of chromosomes. What word means N? Haploid
#3 What is the number of chromosomes in humans? 46
#4 What is the number of chromosomes each parent gives you ? 23
#5 What is meiosis? Reproductive process that produces four haploid sex cells
Meiosis Mix
#1 The name of the cell created by the fusion of a sperm cell and an egg is a ______. Zygote
#2 The union of an egg and a sperm is known as Fertilization
#3 What are the male gametes known as? Sperm
#4 What are the female gametes known as? Egg
#5 Males form how many haploid cells that then develop into sperm cells 4
#1 After fertilization occurs, the zygote grows by creating more cells. What process produces these new cells? meiosis
#2 Women have ___ copies of the X chromosome while men have __. 2,1
#3 What sex chromosome do female eggs always contain? X
#4 What sex chromosomes do male sperm contain X,Y
#5 Who determines the sex of a baby? male or father
Toss Up
#1 Parent cells of meiosis have ___ copies of each chromosome. 2
#2 Does a sex cell have a haploid number or a diploid number of chromosomes? haploid
#3 What is fertilization? The joining of an egg and sperm
#4 How many male sex cells are there at the end of a cell cycle? 4
#5 How many sex cells do females release every month ? 1
Final Question
Not all of the cells created by females during meiosis are used during fertilization. What are these cells that are discarded called and how many are made from one cell undergoing meiosis? Polar bodies and 3 are made