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Why is this place important and WHERE is it?

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St. Mark's Basilica in Venice has the multiple round domes, much like another basilica in what famous place?

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THINK...In what country would you find this famous site?

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The Baobab tree is important to the lives of animals in this region of Africa --name it.

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The fun of this famous Hindu festival in India is now part of what we call "Color Runs." Name the festival.

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This artist from the Netherlands is known for Bible scenes and the use of shadow and light.  Name the artist.

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Bierstadt loved painting the natural areas of our nation.  What do you call this type of painting?

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Name the artist -

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His art is nothing to SCREAM about --


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This Jewish artist painted what he knew and saw, bringing a new slant to color and composition.

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I'd appreciate it if you'd STAND when you hear my music!

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Listen to the following piece of music.  Is the composer Mozart, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, or Elton John?




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This unique sound was enjoyed by millions and was a popular as rock or country music is today.  Was the composer Glenn Miller, Gershwin, Alan Menken, or Johnny Marks?



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Alan Menken composed many of the songs in Disney movies!  What other composer have we learned about that also wrote music for Disney?

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Several of the musicians we have learned about are famous because of the instrument they played.  Listen to these sound clips and match the musician with the instrument. You must NAME the instrument and the musician.  Possible musician choices are: Segovia, Sousa, Scott Joplin, Stphen Foster, Yizak Perlman, Leroy Anderson, Elton John, Henry Mancini. You must get two out of three correct...



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Why was this man a "Face of Creativity?"

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This saying in this photo is very important to this "Face of Creativity."  Can you name her?

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What are the people who wear this pin called?

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What do these two "Faces of Creativity" have in common?

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What is the "TITLE" or name of this "Face of Creativity's" profession? AND..which of the Places of the Week would she probably most want to visit?

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What PLACE is associated with this image?

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How did Seurat create the painting hanging behind Miss Hurdle?

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Listen to this piece by Rimsky Korsakov and look at this image:

audio - THIS N THAT Question 3

What PLACE OF THE WEEK does it sound like this music comes from?

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Match the image with the "Face of Creativity!"  Name bank:  Katie Higgins, Sheryl Sandberg, Sandy Powell, Marianne North,  (Must get 2 out of 3 correct)

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The Renaissance was an important time in art. Which Renaissance artist painted the following? clue:  the first initials of each artist begin with M, L, T, and R! Must get 3 of 4 correct

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former home of the Dalai Lama - TIBET

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul!

The Sistine Chapel is found in the VATICAN --smallest country in the world!

The Serengeti




the LONG and stretched out images are those of EL GRECO

Edvard Munch

Marc Chagall






1. Scott Joplin - piano

2. Segovia - guitar

3. Yitzak Perlman - violin

Creative chef!

Jessi Hicks


Dr. David Dvarella and James Cameron both work to save the Amazon Rainforest



Wailing Wall - Jerusalem, Israel

series of dot!


Blue Angels - Katie Higgins

designer of Cinderella's dress - Sandy Powell

painter of hundreds of flowers - Marianne North


1. Titian

2. Leonardo daVinci

3. Raphael

4. Micheangelo

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