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COMS 265 Test 2 - Audio, Video, Internet

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What kind/type of record labels have the majority of music titles.

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The basic business model in the recording industry can be divided into which three main parts?

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The practice of a record label giving cash or gifts to a disc jockey to secure airtime is known as what?

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Recorded music serves what primary functions of mass communciation?

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What kind of software/program was Napster?

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Which genre of music is the most popular format for radio?

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Who was established as the “father” of radio broadcasting?

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Radio stations are given call letters designating the station according to what?

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Why is radio particularly important in developing nations?

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What was the first broadcasting network?

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The primary function of the American motion picture industry is what?

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Released in 1927 and starring Al Jolson, the first commercially successful “talkie” was what?

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The main channel for marketing movies is what?

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One major obstacle to the movie industry's adoption of digital distribution has been what?

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Where did the motion picture industry begin, and for what reason?

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What is HBO's most-watched series to date?

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Reality television is profitable for networks because...?

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Where did much of television's early programming come from?

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According to a recent study, what percent of American consumers binge-watch TV.

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Why is cable television able to produce more innovative and edgy content than network TV?

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Which browser has the biggest market share?

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What allows us to receive vast amounts of verbal and visual information from a variety of global sources.

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What is the process in which multiple downloads of the same file are temporarily coordinated to accelerate the downloading process.

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Because of their relative complexity, computers have more issues than traditional media with what?

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Common symptoms of video-game addiction include dry eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, and what else?

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Independent Labels

Creation, promotion, and distribution


Entertainment and Cultural transmission

An Internet file-sharing program


Lee de Forest

The geographic location in which they operate

Radio is cheap to transmit and receive.

The National Broadcasting Company

To entertain

The Jazz Singer

Television Advertising

Concerns over piracy through file-swapping services

New York, because its entertainment center already had Broadway and vaudeville theaters

Game of Thrones

Production costs are much lower


70 Percent

Cable television is unfettered by FCC content restrictions


Broadband Connections


User interfaces

Lying to employers and family about gaming activities

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