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Government 4th Grade

Branches Federal/Local/Citizenship Constitution/Declaration Misc 1 Checks and Balances
10 10 10 10 10
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Name the Three Branches.

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What is the Main duty of the executive Branch?

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What branch decides if laws have been broken?

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The job of someone in the House of Represetetives? and what Branch is it part of?

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Who is appointed and not elected? and what Branch are they from?

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How do citizens show responsibility?

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Which level of Government allows people to immigrate from other counttries?

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Paving county roads is the responsibility of th ______________ governmnet.

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Which level of government makes treaties with other countries?

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How can citizens help a canidate?

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What document can be described  as a plan for governmnet?

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Does the bill of rights give you the RIGHT to own slaves?

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Is claiming your neighbors property part of the Preamble to the Constitution?

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Name two of the six parts of the Preamble to the Constitution.

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What is the main goal of government according to the declaration of independance?

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If there were no rules what would happen?

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Who is the current president?

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Name the two parts of the legislature(Congress).

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What has the biggest effect on other countries?

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Who is the leader of the executive branch in room 28?

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What is it called when one branch can't become more powerful than another.

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Name a check and Balance the president can to to a bill

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What check can the judicial system do to a law?

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What does veto mean?

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The president vetoes a bill; congress overrides the veto is an example of what?

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Legislative, Executive, Judicial

Carrying out laws


Making Laws and Legislative Branch.

Supreme Court Justices and teh Judicial Branch

By voting




Make calls to voters


No, It give freedom of speech, bear arms, and religion


1. provide for the common defense,

2. establish justice,

3. insure domestic tranquility,

4. Form more Perfect Union,

5. General welfare,

6. Liberty


Protecting peoples right

Lose our right to be safe.

Donald Trump

Senate and House of representatives

Electing a President

Mr. Gutteridge

Checks and balances

Veto the bill.

Decide if it is constitutional

A veto does not allow a bill to become a law

checks and balances

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