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Measuring and Graphs Water Energy Resources Other....
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When reading a graduated cylinder do you look at the A. Bottom of the meniscus B. top of the meniscus ?

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Jenna and Skye recorded the height of their 3 plants for 3 months. What type of graph would they make? A. Line B. Pie C. Bar

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After William, Ace and Forever completed a lab, they discovered that 70% of the dogs they tested slept longer after running 3 miles a day. Which type of graph would they use to demonstrate that?

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Valentina and Leah did an experiment measuring how long it took for different types of chocolate to melt. They used white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. What would they put on the x-axis when making a graph?

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Lincoln and Tim were designing a lab. They wanted to see if the amount of air effects how far a football can be kicked. What would go on the Y-Axis?

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What is the chemical formula for water?

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Which is NOT polar? A. sugar B. Wax C. Salt D. Lemon juice

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When placed in water, ice rises to the top of the liquid. Ice floats because (discuss density)

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What does it mean that water are polar molecules?

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Alex wants to measure the mass of 20 mL of water. What instruments should she use?

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Water behind a dam is demonstrating potential or kinetic energy?

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When Mrs. Maybes rubs her hands together on a cold day, the friction converts (2)

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Which type of energy change does a windmill represent? (3)

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What is the best energy change of a battery operated flashlight? (3 in order)

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Because burning fossil fuels creates much pollution, alternatives are being investigated. What might limit the use of wind as a major resource?

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What is the primary source of energy on Earth?

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Oil is considered a ________ resource.

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Which resource is most likely going to be used up first since it is a nonrenewable resource? A. wind B. geothermal C. fossil fuels D. water

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Which of these is an advantage of fossil fuels? A. Clean source of energy B. renewable C. inexpensive compared to other energy sources

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The US used about 19 million barrels of petroleum per day in 2000. This rate continues to increase. It is important to develop alternate sources of energy because petroleum

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Where is most of the fresh water located?

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What is found inside the nucleus?

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How many variables can you have in a valid experiment?

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If you were going to measure the length of a frog, the frog's head is at 1 and the rear is a 10 cms. How long is the frog?

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Why do scientists perform multiple trials of the same experiment?

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Pie or circle
Types of choclates
Distance kicked
B - Wax will not dissolve
ice is less dense than water
Water molecules are attracted to each other (opposite poles
graduated cylinder and balance (NOT SCALE)
mechanical to thermal
wind to mechanical to electrical
Chemical to electrical to light
Amount of wind varies
is a limited source of energy that is almost impossible to renew.
ice masses
protons and neutrons
9 cms
To increase the likelihood of accurate experiment results

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