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13 Colonies Jeopardy!

Colonies Colony Founders and Reasons for Founding Church and State Grab Bag People and Places
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What are the 4 colonies that were in the New England region?

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What 4 colonies were in the Middle Colonies?

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What 5 colonies were in the Southern region?

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Which was the FIRST English colony in the Americas (hint: Jamestown was the first settlement).

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Which colony did the Plymouth settlement become a part of?

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Who founded the Rhode Island Colony? WHY?

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Who founded Georgia and whom did he found it for?

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Which of the New England colonies limited the power of government (especially the governor)? Who founded this colony?

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This colony was taken from the Dutch in 1664 after a long rivalry. What was the original name of this colony? What was the new name of this colony?

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This colony was once a part of Pennsylvania. Some people say it was founded by Peter Minuit, some say it was founded by William Penn.

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Private teachers and tutors were found in which two colonial regions?

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By the 1720s, each colony had voting laws that limited who could vote. What qualities did a person need in order for them to vote?

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Which of the New England colonies had religious tolerance and religious freedom?

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What is the Act of Toleration? What colony was this act passed in and why was it passed?

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What religion did William Penn practice? Describe this religion.

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What were the two main crops that were grown in the Carolinas?

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The idea that a colony only exists to benefit its mother country?

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What was one way that people were punished in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

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In Virginia, this revolt happened because settlers felt that their colonial government would not help them to fight Native American groups over land and resources. In this revolt, Jamestown was burned down.

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This type of trade happened between Europe, the Americas, and Africa, and involved goods and people being transported across the Atlantic Ocean.

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How did was the land in New England different than the land in the Middle Colonies? What could happen in the Middle Colonies that could not happen as well in the New England colonies?

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Which region offered public education? Who could go to school here?

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What did the Virginia Company want settlers to find in Virginia? What did they end up learning to grow that made them money?

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What is an apprentice?

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What woman spoke out against the Puritan church in Massachusetts and was banished from the colony?

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Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Roger Williams --> church and state should be separated and wanted religious freedom.
James Ogelthorpe, for debtors to have a fresh start and for a buffer b/w Georgia and Florida.
Connecticut; Thomas Hooker
New Netherland, New York
Middle and Southern Colonies
White males over 21 who owned property, and were church members.
Rhode Island
Law that gave Christians (Catholics and Protestants) freedom of religion. It was passed in Maryland to ensure Catholics would not have their rights taken away. The law excluded non-Christians (ex. Jewish people).
Quaker. Despised in England for their beliefs like equality for everyone, they were anti-war, and they believed that women should have rights.
Rice and indigo
Stockades, public humiliation, beatings
Bacon's Rebellion
Triangular Trade
Land in New England is thin and rocky, land in the Middle Colonies is rich and fertile. You could farm in the Middle Colonies.
New England. Everyone could go to school!
Wanted to find gold, instead discovered tobacco.
a. Someone who worked with a tradesmen for many years learning his craft with no pay
Anne Hutchinson

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