Bridge To Wiseman's Cove: Belonging Quiz Answer Key

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#1 What family did Carl, Sarah and Harley belong to? Matt
#2 What family did Bruce and Nathan belong to? Trelfo
#3 What family did Joy, Skip and Maddie belong to? Duncan
#4 Who was Carl, Sarah and Harley's Aunt? Beryl
#5 What family took Carl and Harley in and treated them like their own? Duncan
#1 Who was Maddie's boyfriend? Nathan Trelfo
#2 Who was Aunt Beryl's boyfriend? Bruce Trelfo
#3 Who was Joy's husband? Skip
#4 Who did Carl hold hands with at Maddie's party? Justine
#5 What sort relationship did Carl have with his dad? Did he feel like he belonged to him? Carl didn't know his dad.
Types of Belonging
#1 How did Joy help Harley feel like he belonged? Treated him like a son
#2 Who were the first friends that made Carl feel like he belonged? Justine and Maddie
#3 What group did Carl belong to when he first came to Wattle Beach? None
#4 Which family did Carl feel like he belonged to more - Matt or Duncan? Duncan
#5 Where was the first place That Carl felt like he belonged? The barge
Types of Belonging
#1 “What am I, a local or a visitor?” Who said this? Carl
#2 What did Carl gain as a consequence of feeling like he belonged? Confidence
#3 Why did the barge help Carl feel like he belonged? He felt needed
#4 What does Harley keep for Carl to show that he loves him and belong together? The first piece of cake he makes.
#5 What event did Justine ask Carl to that made him feel like he belonged? Maddie's party.
#1 Why did Maddie feel like she didnt belong to the Wattle Beach Community? She felt disconnected because she lived in Wiseman's Cove
#2 Who didn't feel comfortable showing their body in their group of friends because they feel like they dont belong? Justine or Carl
#3 Name 3 places where Carl felt like he didnt belong? The Cafe, the beach and the school bus.
#4 Name a motif that symbolises that Carl belongs. The barge or his shirt.
#5 Name an example of how being with Joy change Harley's behavior. He stopped getting into fights and graffiting and behaved better.
Final Question