Israel Jeopardy Answer Key

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#1 Where is Israel? Middle East
#2 What state is about the size of Israel? New Jersey
#3 Is Israel just desert? No, it is a desert in the South, but in the North, there are even mountains with snow!
#4 What are 2 of Israel's land boarders? Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt
#5 What large sea boarders Israel? Mediterranean Sea
#1 What is Israel's anthem? "Hatikvah"
#2 When was Israel declared a state? May 14th 1948
#3 What is the capital of Israel? Jerusalem
#4 What is the largest religion by percent? Judaism
#5 What is Israel's population(in millions)? Between 7 and 8 million
#1 Who is currently the Prime Minister of Israel? Benjamin Netanyahu
#2 Who is currently the President of Israel? Shimon Peres
#3 What is the Legislature called? Knesset
#4 How many Prime Ministers have there been throughout Israel's history? 9
#5 What type of government is Israel? Unitary Parliamentary Republic
#1 What is Israel's Currency? New Shekel
#2 What are Israel's national languages? Hebrew and Arabic
#3 What is Israel's national sport? Soccer
#4 What is Israel's national flower? Anemones
#5 What is the lowest place on Earth (hint: It is in Israel)? Dead Sea
Israeli Army
#1 What is the Israeli army called? IDF (Israel Defense Forces)
#2 How long are boys in the Israeli army? At least 3 years
#3 How long are girls in the Israeli army? At least 2 years
#4 What are the 3 service branches of the Israeli army? Ground forces, air force, and navy
#5 When was the Israeli army founded? 1948
Final Question
How many Israelis have won the Nobel Prize? 12