Ecosystems 4th Grade Answer Key

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#1 This makes food using the Sun's energy Producer
#2 This has to find and eat other organisms for energy Consumer
#3 This organism has no predators Top Consumer
#4 This organism finds dead oganisms and eats it for energy scavenveger
#5 These small organisms break down dead organisms and feed on the organism for energy decomposer
Food Webs
#1 The arrows on a food web always follow what? Energy
#2 What is it called when one organisms population becomes too low? Scarcity
#3 All food webs (ecosystems) will do what if we leave them alone? Balance
#4 All oranisms must have at least how many connections? 2
#5 A food web is a collection of several what? Food Chains
Who Eats What?
#1 Carnivore Animals
#2 Omnivore Plants and Animals
#3 Herbivore Plants
#4 A worm is an example of what? Decomposer
#5 A vulture is an example of what? Scavenger
Predator vs Prey
#1 The organism which hunts for food. Predator
#2 Wolf and Coyote, (competetive or predator/prey) Competitive
#3 The organism being hunted. Prey
#4 Dog and Tick, (beneficial or harmful) Harmful
#5 Oxpecker and water buffalo (beneficial or competetive) Beneficial
Hodge Podge
#1 The process plants use to make food? Photosynthesis
#2 The place where an organism lives? Habitat
#3 The number an organism in an area? Population
#4 How an organism changes over generations to survive in its environment better? Adaptation
#5 You are all what? Consumers/Oganisms/Omnivores
Final Question
Provide 4 needs that all organisms need to survive. Organism/Consumer/Omnivore