Modals, Passive, Reported Speech, Conditionals, Infinivite or Gerund Answer Key

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Reported Speech
#1 What is the direct speech? Pablo said he couldn't go to the party. "I can't go to the party."
#2 What is the direct speech? Mayte asked Jaime if he understood the question. "Do you understand the question?"
#3 Change to reported speech. "I am having a great time." - Beth Beth said she was having a great time.
#4 Change to reported speech. "I have never been here before." - Ariadna Ariadna said that she had never been there/here before.
#1 The streets ____ ______ for Christmas. (decorate) are decorated
#2 Change to passive: Marta's boyfriend gave her flowers. Marta was given flowers (by her boyfriend).
#3 We can't go swimming because the pool _____ _______ _________ . (clean) is being cleaned
#4 Change to passive: The teacher found Manu's book on the floor. Manu's book was found on the floor (by the teacher).
#1 If it rains this weekend, I _____ ______ to the cinema. (go) will go
#2 If Marta had 20,000 euros she _______ _______ a new car. (buy) would buy
#3 If I don't pass every subject this year, my parents ______ _____ me a present. (give) won't give
#4 If I ____ _____ more, I would have passed the exam. (study) had studied
Infinitive or Gerund?
#1 I hope _____ to the beach this summer. (go) to go
#2 I look forward to _____ to China one day. (travel) traveling
#3 I can't stand _____ in queues. It's so boring! (wait) waiting
#4 Please remember ________ the door before you leave. I remember _______ the door before I left yesterday. (close) to close, closing
Modal Verbs
#1 Sarah got a 5 on her English exam. She ___ study more. (should, needn't, might) should
#2 Cayetana said her stomach hurt yesterday and didn't come to school today. She ____ be ill. must
#3 Name 3 modals of POSSIBILITY. (I'm not sure.) might, may, could
#4 You needn't pay for the ticket. You ___________ to pay for the ticket. don't have
Final Question