FCE Exam review Block 5 Answer Key

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Phrasal Verbs
#1 If somebody _______ ___, they are easy to see because there is something unusual about the way they look or the way they behave. stands out
#2 If somebody ________ _______ as being a certain type of person, they appear that way to other people. comes across
#3 If you________ ___ with someone, you stay at the same level and don't fall behind them. keep up
#4 _________ it _____ means to continue doing something that has been successful keep up
#5 to ______ ___ means to test something to see what it's like, or to see if it works properly try
Word Formation
#1 INHABIT: There are almost one million ______________________ in Seville. inhabitants
#2 ECOLOGY: We are going to be faced with many ________________________ problems if we continue to pollute our planet. ecological
#3 MATHEMATICS: One of my classmates is a ________________ genius. mathematical
#4 SURVIVE: When a plane crashes, it is rare that there are any _________________. survivors
#5 COMBINE: To pass an exam with flying colours requires a __________________ of intelligence and hard work. combination
#1 The hotel which/that/where/when we stayed in last year was amazing. Let's go back there! that
#2 I really wish we went/had gone/have gone/would go there because I had so/very/such/too an incredibly delicious meal in the restaurant. would go/such
#3 When I told my boyfriend I had seen Brad Pitt at the pool, he simply refused in believing/ to believe/ for believing/ believing to believe
#4 Plaza Nueva is near the cathedral. They hold a market in Plaza Nueva every Sunday. (use WHERE) Plaza Nueva, where they hold the market every Sunday, is near the cathedral.
#5 The computer was too expensive for me to buy. ENOUGH I ..... money to buy the computer. I didn't have enough money to buy the computer
Verb Patterns and Verb Phrases
#1 It's really important that you pay the bill today. REMEMBER You must ..... the bill today. remember to pay
#2 I think it would be a good idea if you joined the beginner's class. SUGGEST I ..... the beginners class. suggest joining/ that you join/ you join
#3 In the future she became a successful business woman. WENT She ..... a successful business woman. went on to become
#4 Do you like people asking you to _____ them favours? do
#5 My parents are always encouraging me to _________ the most of my talents and abilities. make
More phrasal verb fun!
#1 Why don't you start doing a sport? TAKING Have you thought about ..... a sport? taking up
#2 His parents raised him very strictly. UP His parents ..... very strictly. brought him up
#3 They've cancelled the wedding. OFF They have ..... the wedding. called off
#4 My host family will let you stay with us. UP My host family will ..... . put you up
#5 I don't think they should abolish military service. AWAY They shouldn't ..... military service. do away with
Final Question
The painter became famous because he was on television. HAVE The painter ___________________________________ famous if he hadn’t been on television. wouldn't have become